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Get to Know Our Team of Volunteers

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Care to Dance, Inc. is overseen by a board of directors as required by our 501(c)3 nonprofit status and Buddy and Debra run the day-to-day operations, but the people who really make the magic happen are the volunteers who dance for and with the facility residents at each show. Please allow me to introduce some of them to you. Betty brings her years of experience to the program with wit, charm and enthusiasm. She is refined in dancing her waltz, playful in dancing her quickstep and just unforgettable in drawing you into her shag dance number. Kathy is full of life with years of ballet dancing behind her. She entertains with dances like foxtrot, tango, swing and rumba and the residents and volunteers love her. Debra dances beautifully in her elegant dresses and captures the audiences' attention with her dances. She dances at a very high level in the competitive ballroom world.

The Care to Dance Volunteers are Extra Special!

Petra and her husband are acclaimed actors. Petra dances several ballroom dances beautifully and she also dances a memorable tap dance solo. Her husband, Joshua does dj music work for us and is a very talented baritone singer. He will entertain with his velvety voice when we ask him to. Joshua and Petra are masterful as Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause in our Christmas shows. Kathryn opens and closes the shows with her high-energy dances. She has been dancing in the program for over three years and currently dances over 30 different partner and line dances. Angie is our dancer from south Alabama, but currently living in central Florida. She dances several dances including a very special lyrical routine to Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon". Cheryle is our newest volunteer, but she has already learned four dance routines and performs them in each of our shows. Jon enjoys warming up the audience with his personality prior to each show. The audience really gets into Jon as he dances with as many residents as he can before and after each show. Our volunteers also enjoy dancing with him in the shows.

Elizabeth, is a joy to watch dance. She graces us with her two young daughters, Candace and Aubrey. The three of them entertain with a reminiscing rendition of the song Cinderella that has provoked many a tear from audience members. Katiuska is from the Dominican Republic and adds a lot to our shows with her Caribbean roots. Rose is from Aruba and also adds tropical flavors to each show with her outgoing personality and big bright smile. Lama is new to dancing, but she quickly learned many dances and the residents love her bubbly personality. #Buddy #teaches #volunteers the dance routines, schedules and organizes each show with the facility activity directors, #performs #magic #tricks, #plays #steel #drums, and dances with each of the female dancers in the shows. He also does dj music work and enjoys dancing with all of the residents. Become one of us at

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