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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will volunteering affect me?

A. As a volunteer, if you are new to dance, you will be taught as many dances as you would like to learn at your own pace. You will then perform your new dances with your instructor when you are comfortable doing so. This is an incredibly exciting time in your life to do something you may have never thought you would do, but this is your opportunity, and it has an unforgettably positive effect on you. The cost of your one-hour lesson is $20.00 which is a small fraction of the standard dance lesson rate of $80-$100.

Q. As a donor, may I attend the shows as a spectator or as a participant?

A. All of our donors are welcomed to attend any of our shows and they are all encouraged to do so. You may come to watch the shows and/or you may come to dance in the shows. We create a unique program for each show which all attendees receive upon entering the venue, so if you would like to dance in the show, please let us know in advance so we may include you in the program.

Q. How can I book my facility for a show?

A. To book a show for your facility, simply contact us. We will check our show schedule and agree on a show date that fits your schedule and ours. The cost of the one-hour show is $100.00. That price has not increased in the 4 years we’ve been dancing.  

Q. How may I be a part of your ministry without dancing?

A. You may serve in a role on the Care to Dance team in so many ways other than dancing. We are always looking for people to help set up and break down the room before and after the show. You may serve as a DJ to operate the music. You may be able to assist in the dressing room as the ladies must change clothes very quickly many times during the show. You may help drive one of our dancers to or from a show.  If you have seamstress abilities, you may assist in repairing or altering any of the many outfits they wear during the shows.

Q. May I donate to your ministry with something other than money?

A. You may donate to our efforts in many ways besides donating money. You may donate dance shoes and outfits that would be appropriate for our dancers. You may donate your skills as a sound editor to assist us in creating our playlists. If you are a skilled dancer, you will always be welcomed to help us choreograph our dance routines. All donations of any kind are so appreciated.

Q. How do I prepare my facility for your show?

A. Once your facility has been booked for a show, we will send you some posters to display throughout your facility promoting the date and time of the event. Please provide a spacious dressing room close to the venue in which several ladies can get dressed and quickly get back to the venue. We ask that you line up chairs (or wheelchairs) around the outer walls of the venue so that we will dance in the round (in the center of the room). Please do not mop the venue floor within 30 minutes of the show.

Q. As a volunteer, will I be expected to participate in every show?

A. You will be invited to participate in every show you would like to be in, but you will not be expected to participate in every show. We understand and respect that you have a life (or a job) outside of your volunteering, so we only ask that you participate in those shows you would like to participate in. We now have enough volunteers that everyone does not have to participate in every show for the program to be successful.

Q. How will my donation to your ministry make a difference?

A. Your donation to the Care to Dance ministry will make a difference in the lives of those residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities by providing them a rare and wonderful opportunity to watch a very fine  show and then get to dance with those in the show to songs from a bygone era. This is an unforgettable experience for most of the residents and their families and caregivers which they would not have been able to experience otherwise and your donation will make the difference.

Q. What can my facility residents expect by attending your show?

A. Your facility residents and their families and caregivers will experience a very memorable show in which many of their memories will be transported back to earlier (perhaps happier) years in their lives. We utilize “reminiscing therapy” to make this point through the music, the outfits and the dances. The residents’ spirits will be uplifted through our shows.

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