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We Dress for the Occasion

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

A program like Care to Dance requires a certain level of appearance to portray our message to the audience. The male dancers dress very nicely in formal and informal dress. They also change into additional outfits to match the dance and/or the song. Some female dancers will wear as many as five outfits in a one-hour show. All of the dancers literally #wear #many #hats as those hats are worn as a part the outfit for several dances.

Kathryn and Buddy Take a Bow

The women wear #beautiful #elegant #dresses, and disco, broadway, carmen miranda, country, tango, charleston, swing, military outfits and many more. The volunteers have spent their own money to purchase these outfits and it can get quite expensive. They also share outfits and share ideas to purchase and/or repair existing outfits to extend the wear of those outfits. We would like to purchase these outfits for the ladies so they can wear the appropriate dress for the dances as audiences always comment positively on our beautiful outfits and they understand the importance of the outfits. Your support and donation to our program will finance the purchase of these outfits and allow the ladies to dance beautifully in the outfit most suited to the dance. Any support you provide us is most welcomed and appreciated. Find out more at

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