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How Thousands of Seniors Became Our Loyal Fans

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The Care to Dance program has become extremely popular with seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities because it utilizes #reminiscing #therapy to cause our audiences of seniors to remember back to their younger days through music, dance and magic. The seniors watch the Care to Dance dancers in stunning dance outfits dance choreographed routines to specific songs, many songs of which are from a bygone era. For seniors suffering with #dementia, this is a wonderful live opportunity for them to be able to reminisce about

Seniors enjoy the Care to Dance dancers.

their glory days through our familiar music, energetic dancing and beautiful outfits. At the end of the one hour show, the audience members are invited to join in and interactively dance with the Care to Dance dancers. Many of the seniors accept the invitation and sway their arms, tap their feet and keep the beat to the music. This is how thousands of senior residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities have become fans of the Care to Dance program. So have the resident family members, friends, caretakers and facility staffs who have been involved in our shows. Our impact has been featured in many health magazines, dance publications and radio and television shows. Join us at

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