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Is Dancing on Your Bucket List?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Have you checked off all of the things you wish to do on your bucket list? Few have, and for many people, their list includes learning to dance. Volunteering in the Care to Dance program will allow you to #learn #to #dance, but it will go beyond that. You will learn your dances and then you will be able to perform them to eager audiences who really appreciate your dancing and will support and encourage you. You will also find that learning dance steps will become easier and easier with each dance you learn.

"Grease is the Word!"

So if you choose to become a #volunteer #dancer in our family of dancers, you will be welcomed with open arms and invited to add your own flair to the program. You will learn so many dances, some of which you may have never heard, but all of the dances are challenging and so much fun. You may learn a group number or a solo number or a partner dance number. You will soon become a valuable member of our performance team and you'll always be encouraged to be creative in your dancing for your audiences. Cherished are those "ah ha" moments when a new volunteer dances a pattern or a full dance they never imagined they would dance, much less get to perform for such kind and involved audiences. It is truly a rewarding experience for you and your audiences. Experience the rush at

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