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Volunteer and Become a Rock Star

"We'll teach you to dance and provide you an instant fan club!"


As a volunteer, the Care to Dance program offers you a rare opportunity to learn to dance or improve your dancing and then show it off in any of our many shows in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in and around central Florida. We have built quite a reputation for our one-hour shows which include dancing choreographed routines "for" the facility residents and then dancing "with" the residents to music from an earlier time. We are currently creating a wonderful military medley tribute incorporating presidential speeches, patriotic songs and military marches. Join us in saluting and honoring the wartime valor of many of the residents. They have come to know us and they expect wonderful surprises from us every time we present our interactive show at their facility. They are our biggest "fan club" and we are theirs!

The high-energy beautiful dancing, the elegant and eye-catching costumes, the slapstick humor and now the head-scratching magic tricks and the tropical sounds of the steel drum all contribute to making The Care to Dance program a one-of-a-kind adventure for facility residents. It is a unique feeling to watch the faces and demeanor of the attendees improve as they watch the show and reminisce about their earlier days and then dance with the dancers in the final portion of the show. They are mentally transposed to happier times in their lives. Join us and use your new superpower to make a difference and improve the world around us.

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