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The Magic of Dance Music

The Care to Dance program has been utilizing music and dancing to trigger "reminiscing therapy" for many seniors suffering with dementia and other cognitive diseases. Now we feature magic and #steel #drum #music as part of the interactive show. #Magic #tricks using large props and familiar items are very popular with the senior audiences.

Also Bob Marley type Caribbean songs played live on the steel drums have garnered very positive comments from the audiences. Magic and steel drum music is now a vital part of the program along with the always popular dancing which audiences throughout the senior community have become loyal fans of.

We provide a detailed program for each show which lists the dancer, the dance (or magic trick or steel drum song), the song and the singer. This program keeps each audience member informed and keeps the dancers on track to present an organized and fast-flowing show. We also have a dj/mc who handles the introductions of each dancer and begins and ends the music for each dance. He is a professional actor and singer so he is able to step in and sing a song on the fly if we need him to.

We invite anyone interested to join us in our ministry to the seniors. You may join us to dance in our shows, help us set up for the shows, just attend and view the shows or help in any other way you may see fit. Get involved and join our happy dancing family to make a difference in the community by making a difference in someone's life. Please feel free to contact us at

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